Parent-Infant Classes

Enjoy learning specific ideas about how to “prepare the environment” at home and learn the Montessori philosophy supporting those ideas. You will understand how an environment affects behavior and learning. This service is meant for parents or caregivers of children prenatal to 18 months. It is also an ideal gift for an expecting or new mother. If you are interested in learning about how to better guide your infant and cannot attend this class or this type of class format, please note below that home consultation services are available.

Consulting Services

Our program director, Sonya Jones, has an AMI Assistant to Infancy diploma and offers consulting services to both Mi Casita families and members of our Coastal Bend Community. Since the child from birth to age 6 literally uses the environment to construct one’s self, an optimal environment will yield optimal development. Call Mi Casita Montessori School to set up an appointment with Sonya Jones.

For Teachers

The staff at Mi Casita Montessori School works for the best interest of all children and is willing to share the “secret of childhood” with any local schools or daycares by offering workshops on developmentally appropriate environments for children between ages 0 to 6. Call to schedule a workshop or to be on our mailing list to receive information on any upcoming training opportunities.

For Expecting Parents

Traditional prenatal classes prepare you for the birth of your baby. You get an idea of what to expect and how to cope on that special day. In a Montessori prenatal class, you get an idea of what to expect and how to cope in your baby’s life. Optimal environments for your child’s potential development are discussed. Call to find out more about this class.

Upcoming course dates:

– Call us for additional dates or to let us know about your interest in a future class.

Learn more about or Parent-Infant classes with an introduction letter and get the Application for enrollment, both files in PDF format.